Andrea Claresta HW AS Narator

Andrea Claresta HW AS NARATOR

Andrea Claresta is 11 years old, in 2016, she got the second place in GBI TCT singing competiton. In Christmas 2017, she join a drama musical of her church’s christmas celebration. In 2018, she got the first place in Bukit Sion School singing competition, and also she got the third place in Purwacaraka singing competitionem which was held in Lippo Mall Kemang. And in March 2019, Andrea got an opportunity to sing in “Ayo Bernyanyi” TVRI. In April 2019, she join Olalaoke Singing Competition and she passed from audition, semi final, and to grand final. In May 2019, she got favorite 2 of a singing competition which was held in Aeon Mall Cakung.